Kind of at the spray paint everything and glue it all together and hope for the best stage now. At least all the jackets needs now is button holes.
Important Digi-notice!



Dear Chosen Children/Digidestined/whatever name you go by, 

I’m sure that, after yesterday’s announcement, many of you went wild celebrating/sobbing/screaming/babbling/shirt ripping maybe, maybe you did all of the above.

But more importantly, after that announcement, many of you were definitely feeling one thing: Curious. What does “Taichi, seventeen, high school days (En)/ 太一、十七歳、高校生 (jp)” mean, aside from the obvious? What more information is there?  

And the answer is: None. For now. So allow me to direct your attention to this site»

Notice that, after watching or skipping the trailer of the japanese version of the site, you are directed to the following page with the digiegg?


notice at the bottom right, there’s a number counter saying last 893937, and that more importantly, the message on the left saying 



For the benefit of those who don’t understand Japanese, what it’s basically saying is: 

"If everyone rubs the digiegg it would hatch, the new series information would be in the digiegg.

EDIT (thanks to fuzzle for pointing out): 

And the number counter at the right, as well as the bars, indicates how many more nade nade (rubs) is needed. You can rub the digiegg by clicking it, or playing the typing game via accumulating points (authorize site’s access to your twitter or facebook to do so). So please, SPREAD THE WORD. Go to that site, rub that digiegg. 

I’m every bit as curious as you all for some new information, so let’s cooperate together here, and get that new info asap.

Digimon fandom, I’m counting on you all! 

P.S. you can only rub the digiegg once per day normally, but if you accumulate points from the typing game, you can rub it for every 20 points. 

P.P.S: According to letsliptheunderdog, you can also click more than once in different browsers! 

it’s CRACKING !!!!!!!


the other day i was talking about paranorman with some people and it made me want to do a little fanart cuz i love this movie so much