Okay, I’m behind on posting cosplay pictures.

Galinda, Ruffnut, Mimi, more Perona or Agnes or anyone I’ve posted before, except Nonon and season 3 Daenerys since I’m still waiting to get pics back.

What set would people want to see next?



Art by painter, sculptor, woodcarver Vyacheslav Pakhomov.

bent-but-not-broken13 godbait

“What killed Saturday morning cartoons? Cable, streaming, and the FCC. In the 1990s, the FCC began more strictly enforcing its rule requiring broadcast networks to provide a minimum of three hours of “educational” programming every week. Networks afraid of messing with their prime-time slots found it easiest to cram this required programming in the weekend morning slot. The actual educational content of this live-action programming is sometimes debatable, but it meets the letter of the law.
But more importantly, with hundreds of cable and satellite channels to choose from that don’t have to abide the FCC’s guidelines, whippersnappers kids these days can get their animation fix any day of the week. With the rise of cable and satellite, advertisers no longer had to cram all their kid-aimed commercials into the four-hour Saturday morning block. When the money left Saturday mornings, so did the cartoons.”

Source: http://gizmodo.com/this-is-the-first-weekend-in-america-with-no-saturday-m-1642441646

cookin’ up trouble

Caved and joined Flight Rising. A lot of you guys play so friend me if you want. I’m Piratica on there as well.