nulfii: Hello! I'm sorry to ask, and if you dont want to answer I understand, but might I inquire about how you made your god tier Feferi hood? Or if you used a tutorial, kindly point me to where i can find it? I've looked for months and am not satisfied with anything I've produced so far. :<

I’ve made 3 witch hoods now, so it’s kind of a general pool of knowledge from two tutorials; The Easy one and the harder one. Mostly I would recommend the main shape of the Easy one where it is two triangles connected to a rectangle, but use a hoodie instead of a rectangle for the base shape if you want a narrower opening:


After, try it on, mark where you want them and then cut out the horn or ear holes and. You can sew buttons to the top with out needing functioning button holes. Make the cowl like in either tutorial.

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